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Saturday, May 26th 2012

12:22 AM

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Related article: Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 05:55:05 -0800 (PST) From: Frank Morgan Subject: classroom antics-3Classroom Antics - 3 by Frank Morgan schoolboyfrank2yahoo.com Ricky's favorite teacher was Mr. Simpson, an English teacher. He was young and handsome, and he had caught Ricky masturbating in class many times and never seemed to mind. When on day Mr. Simpson asked Ricky to stop by his room after school, Ricky was thrilled. After most of the free porn models boys had left school, Ricky went to the classroom where Mr. Simpson asked him to sit next to him at his desk so they could go over his last essay.After Ricky was seated, Mr. Simpson said, "I notice you like to take your shoes off in class a lot; feel free to roxanna teen model take them off now if you want.""Thanks, Mr. Simpson," said top teenz models Ricky, kicking his loafers off under the teacher's desk."In fact, I think I will take mine off too," said Mr. Simpson, also slipping off his dress shoes.The two began to talk about Ricky's paper, and soon the boy felt his teacher's socked feet rubbing against his. He immediately got hard in his pants. He tried to ignore vladmodels nude it, but couldn't resist reaching down and giving his boner a little squeeze. "Looks like you have a problem," said Mr. Simpson, grinning at Ricky and looking down at the obvious erection tenting his pants."Uh, yes sir, sorry," said Ricky, again squeezing his dick through his pants."It's O.K.," said his teacher, "I get the same problem too."Ricky looked down to find that his teacher was also hard inside his trousers. "Wow, does that happen to you a lot?""All the time, especially during class," continued Mr. Simpson. "I sit and watch all of you boys getting comfortable, taking off your shoes and loosening your shirts and ties, then inevitably several of you get hard-ons, then some of you begin masturbating. I get hard as a rock myself watching all that, and there have been days I have had to masturbate too.""Wow," said Ricky, "in class?""Yes, sitting here at my desk, while you are all working, I just reach down and work my dick through my pants until I cum in my underwear. Just like you and many other boys have done numerous times in class."By now Ricky was rubbing his boner harder and harder through his pants, not trying to hide what he was doing, as he listened to his teacher talk mujeres sexis modelos about masturbating in the classroom in front of all the boys."I'll tell you what," said Mr. Simpson, "the next time I do it, I will call you up to my desk so you can see for yourself.""O.K., great, thanks Mr. Simpson! I guess I had better go now," said the boy, gathering his books and standing up. "I'll see you in class tomorrow," said Ricky as he headed out the door."Oh Ricky," said the teacher, "don't you want your shoes?"Ricky looked down at his socked feet foto gay modelos and grinned, then padded back to retrieve his shoes. Mr. Simpson kicked the shoes closer to them so he could step into them. He would not realize until later that his teacher had given him his own shoes. Ricky walked out of the classroom, the erection tenting his pants leading the way.The next day in English class, Mr. Simpson gave the boys an assignment to complete. As the boys worked quietly at their desks, Ricky would occasionally glance at his teacher. Each time he noticed that Mr. Simpson's hand was in his lap and moving back and forth. Ricky smiled to himself, knowing exactly what he was doing.A few minutes later, Mr. Simpson called Ricky up to young models magazines his desk. The boy went up and sat down in the chair next to his teacher's desk. He looked down and was surprised to am models teen see that Mr. Simpson had unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out through the fly of his boxers. He smiled at his teacher who grinned back at him.As the two talked, Ricky glanced ak nude models down and saw that his teacher was wearing his shoes. They were obviously too small for his feet, just as his teacher's shoes were too big for him. As he watched, Mr. Simpson popped the tight loafers off his feet, then reached his socked feet over in order to pop the shoes off of Ricky's feet. Now teacher and student sat rubbing their socked feet together under the desk.Mr. Simpson leaned over, pretending to point something out to Ricky. Instead he reached down and unzipped the boy's pants. He had to open the fly of Ricky's briefs in order to pull the boy's boner out, and then both were sitting with cocks out behind the desk. Mr. Simpson grasped Ricky's dick and began pumping it as the boy reached over and did the same to his teacher's hard-on.Ricky was so excited to be masturbating with his favorite teacher in front of the entire class. Only one atk models marsha boy could see them Ð a nerdy boy with thick glasses who sat up front. He peered over at the two, looking through his glasses, and watching his teacher jerking off a student. The boy couldn't resist masturbating himself, so he reached down and began to rub his erection through his pants.Both Ricky and his teacher quickly reached the point of no return. Mr. Simpson was better at hiding it, but Ricky became slack-jawed and his eyes looked as if he were in a trance. He grunted as his cum shot out of his dick, spraying all over the front of his uniform. Watching this made Mr. Simpson lose control, but he managed to thrust his cock back into his boxers in time so that he didn't shoot all over the place.Ricky got up and walked back to his desk, still looking almost like he was in a trance. He had forgotten to zip up his pants, so his briefs were showing and the front of his trousers were covered in cum. Most of the boys in class noticed and snickered. Ricky also didn't realize that he had left his shoes under his teacher's desk; when the bell rang, he walked out of class in his socks.Later that day Franky caught up with Ricky in the cafeteria line. "Where are your shoes?" he asked.Ricky looked down and realized he was in his socks. "Oh, I guess I left them under Mr. Simpson's desk."Franky grinned and said, "Oh yeah? Anything happen with Mr. Simpson?"Ricky told Franky the story as the two moved through the cafeteria line. Ricky knew Franky was excited because he was behind him and kept rubbing his boner against his rear end. Whenever the line stopped, Franky would take advantage of the moment and hump his friend's butt.The boys got their food and paid, then headed toward a table. Ricky did not realize that Franky had undone his trousers, so as he walked carrying the tray, Ricky's pants began to fall. He couldn't pull them up, so he had no choice but to let the pants fall down. When he reached the table, his pants at his ankles and his undies exposed, all the boys were laughing.Ricky sat down without pulling up his pants. Franky sat across from him and grinned. Ricky heard Franky's shoes hit the roxanna teen model floor as the boy kicked them off, then looked down as his friend's socked feet slid into his lap and began rubbing his boner through his undies. But after only a few minutes, Franky leaned over to Ricky and asked, "Why don't we skip lunch?" and smiled.Ricky smiled back and nodded, then he stood up and pulled up his pants. He followed his friend, who led them to the library, both boys still in their socks. They headed right for a corner in the back of the library. Ricky pretended to look at books for a minute while Franky made sure the coast was clear. Then he walked sex models pictures up behind his friend and put his arms around him.Franky undid his friends trousers, and the fell to the floor. Ricky stepped out of them as Franky kicked them away. Then Franky dropped his own pants and soon they were gone too. Ricky leaned into the bookstacks as his friend began humping him, rubbing his boner against Ricky's briefs-covered butt.Meanwhile Alex jeans model pic had seen the two older boys come into the library. He knew the kind of reputation they had in school, so he decided to follow them. He was standing on the other side of the bookshelves as he watched the boys take off their pants. When he saw one boy rubbing up against the other, both wearing their briefs, Alex immediately got excited. He reached down and squeezed his boner.Soon Franky slid his friend's underwear down, and Ricky stepped out of those too. Franky did the same with his, so the boys were no wearing their school uniforms on top, but nothing but socks from the waist down. Franky gently pulled his friend down to the carpeted floor of the library.Ricky was lying on his tgp model girl tummy on the floor as Franky slid on top of him. He continued to hump his friend, russland teen models his dick sliding against the smooth skin of Ricky's bottom. His cock slid into the crack, and when Franky pushed with more force, his friend let out a grunt. "Are you russland teen models OK?" he asked.Ricky nodded and said, "Yeah, I'm OK. Keep going."Franky pressed harder, his hard dick sliding between his friend's buttocks. Soon he got into a rhythm as he thrust himself against Ricky.Alex was as excited as he had ever been. He had never seen anything like this, and he was mesmerized by what the boys were doing. He soon lost control too. He kicked off his shoes, pulled off his shirt, and took off his pants. He was oblivious to who might be around and could see him standing in his underpants and socks with a boner. He rubbed it through his briefs.Ricky moaned a little as he felt his friend thrusting deeper. He had never been this excited before and loved having Franky on top of him. He was beginning to grunt and sex models pictures groan louder from the experience, forgetting about where they were and who might see.Alex slid his underpants down and stepped out of them. Then, without really thinking about it, he walked away from his clothes to the other side of the bookstacks, masturbating as he did. He stood right behind the two boys and looked down at them. He stood jacking off right next to the boys as he watched them.Franky thrust himself harder into his friend, then realized he was about to cum. He pumped his dick into his friend as he felt his cock twitch and pulse, then he began to shoot. He kept thrusting as cum shot out of his throbbing dick. He kept pumping his cock into his friend until he squeezed out every drop. Then Franky slid off his friend and rolled onto his back. That was when he saw the boy.When the older boy looked at him, Alex suddenly panicked, realizing he was naked in the library. He looked kindergarten models down at himself, then put his hands over his boner to try to cover himself.Franky smiled at the way the boy was embarrassed and tried to cover up the fact that he was naked. He was excited knowing the boy had been jacking off while he watched them. By now Ricky had also rolled onto his back and had seen the naked boy.Alex was panicking. He was terrified to have been discovered undressed and masturbating as he watched the two boys, but at the same time felt excited about getting caught. He continued to try to cover himself up with his hands, but his boner wouldn't go down and now he was oozing precum.Franky took Alex by the hand and gently led the boy to the floor. He positioned the boy on all fours and gently led modelos desnudas colombianas his mouth to Ricky's still-hard cock. Ricky moaned as the boy began to suck his dick. Then Franky slid down further so that he could take Alex's cock into his mouth, and he began to suck on the boy's boner.Alex thought he was going to explode from excitement. As soon as he felt the boy's mouth on his dick, a shudder of pleasure ran through his body. He tasted the salty pre-cum from the boner in his mouth as he felt his own precum oozing out of his dick. It wasn't long before his cock began to twitch and pulse and russland teen models his cum shot out.As Alex emptied his load into Franky's mouth, his own mouth filled with creamy cum. Ricky grunted and shot his cum into Alex's mouth and am models teen the boy drank it in, as Franky continued to suck on Alex's dick, taking in every drop of the boy's sperm.Once all three boys had shot their loads, they collapsed on the floor, exhausted. Just then the bell rang, and the three boys scrambled to get their clothes. Ricky and Franky finished dressing and found Alex in just his underpants, trying to find his trousers. Franky smiled at the boy and said, "See you later," giving the boy a pat on his briefs-covered bottom. Alex smiled back and was excited about seeing his new friends again.
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Saturday, May 26th 2012

12:00 AM

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